Cathedral Towers

Cathedral Towers

cathedraltowers_fullRight in the heart of Christchurch lies Cathedral Square, a gathering point for city inhabitants for more than 140 years.

The rebuilt centre is rapidly becoming the “place to be” with over 10,000 workers looking to return before the end of 2016, this is the new desirable location for professionals and business people.

Cathedral Towers have been designed with the future in mind – including innovative design options never before seen in New Zealand city spaces. These include an innovative car elevator, where owners can step out of their vehicle with their shopping and walk directly into their apartment. There will also be an electric car charging station and a premium fit-out of residences.

The Towers feature a rooftop bar and hospitality area to compliment the premium apartments with views across the city to the Port Hills and the Southern Alps.

The two buildings will be linked by airbridge and the ground floor is designed as an innovative business and retail space.

Whilst engineering reports have stated the site has no liquefaction risk, magnetic base isolation has been added to the buildings’ specifications, providing peace of mind to residents.

(Cathedral Towers Press Release)