Investing in property in New Zealand has been a proven path to prosperity for many and there are a number of good reasons for this.

Not only does New Zealand offer a comparatively stable government and investment environment, it frequently rates in the top five countries in international surveys for safety, stability, ingenuity and proximity to Asia’s booming economies.

Over recent decades average property value in New Zealand has grown significantly with smart investors wanting a low maintenance property in order for them to maximise their return and provide financial peace of mind.

The REV3 Developments team has a set of guiding and governance principles including the use of smart thinking during the planning and development of new projects, and the making sure high quality assurance and health and  safety initiatives are used at all our worksites.

The REV3 TEAM appreciate the importance of building low maintenance dwellings which help maximize outcomes for investors and owners both in the short and long term. There are tight controls both through the planning and building process to avoid any excesses creeping into project budgets.

Meanwhile, REV3 design and innovation provides warm, dry and desirable homes that are attractive to residents – whether they be owners or tenants.

This attention to detail has proved attractive to our current investors. We welcome new people who share our outlook and want to co-invest in the commercial and residential property sphere we operate in.

We make sure our investors are continuously updated during the planning and development stages of our commercial and residential projects. We’re experienced and savvy business people who share a Christian outlook and these values inspire our business and how we operate.

When investing, we always recommend that you choose independent professional advice before making any decisions.

For individual projects we will provide detailed and transparent financial assumptions, ready for you to analyse and discuss with your advisers and your family.

Should you wish to express your interest in becoming a shareholder in REV3, please contact us.